Strategic Planning and Communications

What's your vision, mission and values?  Not sure?  Haven't had enough debate about it?  Is it really important?


How do you or could you know where and what you want to be if you haven't gone through the exercise to figure it all out?

A day locked-up in a stuffy room with post-it notes?  It doesn't have to be that way.  We're interested in doing it the way that will maximize your time and energy.  Connect and we'll discuss how we can help to tease out great ideas that result in an actionable plan.


Tourism Opportunity Identification

Have you ever gone on holidays and marvelled at the cool stuff that is being done, just down the road, or on the other side of the world?

Tourism often gets jumbled into the Economic Development category for good reason, it's a very important and growing sector of your local econonomy.

While you may think that tourists are really "phantom investors" - (often you don't see them except when you are waiting in traffic as you admire their unique fashions and the sense of awe that they often display) but they represent Billions of investment when considered on a national level.

We want to help you develop the stories and experiences that grows this part of your economy.


Community Evaluations and Process Improvements

Not sure if you are keeping pace with the community down the road?  Consider opportunities to do things better, be more efficient and give your citizens more to be proud about.

There are barriers to running the perfect municipality, we just want to help you remove as many of them as possible, while giving everyone the best value for their tax dollar.

Talk to us about how we can help you to go through your organization in a super-collaborative way will optimize the systems and approaches to make sense of cutting costs and increasing your revenues at the same time.

It's not magic, but it is powerful when we combine positive energy with a view to future success.


Full Range of Municipal Services

Perhaps you have service concerns, or you just know that your organization can do better.  We have a strong network of highly-skilled experts that we want to connect to you.

We've been around for long enough that we know it's not easy to take on the world, that is unless you have a strong bench of experience to back you up.

We have excellent experts in:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Grant Sourcing and Application Support
  • Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Financial Administration
  • Municipal Planning
  • Development Control
  • Recreation (programming, operations and capital development)
  • Arts and Culture
  • Heritage and Downtown Revitalization
  • Governance
  • Social Planning and Community Social Development
  • Facilitation and Arbitration
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Land Development and Sales
  • New Media Development and Administration

And we're happy to refer you to whoever would be the best fit for your organization.



We're happy to give you our opinion

There are always many angles and perspectives to consider.  Ultimately, the right choices should be exactly that - choices.

We like to think that decisions are a lot easier when you have had a chance to review the options easily and simply.

Sure, we could use a lot of acronyms and fancy jargon but in the end we know that the best decisions are made when things are clearly understood.

We work hard to be clear, concise and aware of the challenges that you face so that we can arrive at the best outcomes for the majority of your citizens.

There will always be a few members of a vocal minority, we want to equip you with the best options so that you can move forward with confidence.


Next Steps...

Call today so that we can discuss the best way forward.